Target group: Organisations and individuals with challenges in the field of packaging who have or are eager to find solutions
Initiator(s): The Shift, with the support of Accenture, Fost Plus, Valipac en Vlaanderen Circulair

Start: 14-10-2019

Sustainable Development Goal(s): 6. Clean water and sanitation14. Life below water15. Life on land17. Partnerships for the goals

Priorities for change: FoodCircular EconomyResources

Sustainable packaging


  • Unite different stakeholders to brainstorm about solutions across the whole value chain
  • Kickstart a constructive dialogue between Belgian organisations active in this field
  • Analyse a range of approaches before proposing multi-stakeholder solutions


The goal of this project is to facilitate the development of widely accepted packaging solutions. To do so, we want to kickstart a constructive dialogue between different organisations working in this field in Belgium.


Packaging is clearly a problem in our society today. Upon closer inspection of the issue, we see in addition that packaging is a highly complex problem: to find an answer to it, we'll need to go far beyond a mere search for 'technical' solutions.


The first step has already been taken: we've put our heads together with Accenture, Fost Plus and Valipac to determine the viability and limits of our initiative.

During the second phase, we'll bring together a range of organisations that face challenges and are eager to find solutions. After exploratory discussions, we'll set out two to three shared challenges.

The third phase will consist of presenting these topics to a group of stakeholders active in the packaging sector in Belgium. We'll do so during an ideation day, the goal of which will be to arrive at innovative, shared and realistic solutions.

Throughout the project, we'll also look for ways of ensuring the dialogue we set up is as sustainable and long-term as possible. We want to offer a structural solution that encourages an open dialogue between all stakeholders. In our search for solutions, we'll consistently refer to both our conversations with Fost Plus and Valipac, as well as the comments and suggestions that will surface during the ideation day.

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