Target group: Vulnerable people on the Belgian job market
Initiator(s): Different social, public and private organisations including The Shift, Koning Boudewijn Stichting, Proximus and Engie

Start: 08-05-2018

Sustainable Development Goal(s): 1. End poverty8. Decent work and economic growth10. Reduced inequalities17. Partnerships for the goals

Priorities for change: Work & Inclusion


Social, public and private actors are joining their forces. Why? To facilitate and accelerate the professional integration of vulnerable people in the Belgium labour market. Do you want to find new talents? Join our collective employment solutions.


  • Talents get connected to the labour market
  • Social & government actors will co-create innovative solutions together with the private sector
  • Companies will create social impact
  • Employees get engaged as a mentor


Talent2Connect is a movement in which private, public and social actors bring their own expertise for impact. They want to facilitate and accelerate the professional integration of vulnerable people in the Belgian labour market, such as:

  • low skilled youngsters;
  • people with disabilities;
  • refugees;
  • elderly people;
  • others.


Do you also encounter difficulties to find new talents or people with the right skills to fill specific jobs? Or does your organisation work with vulnerable people searching for employment solutions? Talent2Connect is building collective employment solutions.

Talent2Connect wants to:

  • make the labour market more accessible for the untapped talents;
  • make it easier for employers and their employees to engage themselves in creating social impact;
  • co-create collective employment solutions.


  • Talents: get connected with the labour market via coaching, mentoring, on the job training, or directly through job opportunities
  • Social & government actors: co-create innovative solutions together with the private sector
  • Companies: create social impact through diversity recruitment and employee volunteering
  • Employees: get engaged as a mentor and coach a jobseeker in finding a job


Talent2Connect has a unique approach:

  • Impact-driven
  • Collective approach
  • Involvement of employers

Join the platform and get involved in one of the tracks: 

1. Mentoring

Talent2Connect developed a digital tool that will speed up the matching process of talents and mentors in Belgium with support of a professional mentoring organisation. Both talents and mentors can register online and the mentoring projects can follow up on their activities efficiently.

Do you want to become a mentor and find a jobseeker looking for a coach like you?

2. On-the-job Training

Some companies are constantly looking for specific skills or new talent. They offer job-specific trainings to skills people on the job. There are various initiatives where companies work with social and public partners to build these trainings. Other companies can offer specific workshops to equip talents with employability skills. Talent2Connect facilitates these initiatives and connects talents with solutions offered by employers.

Does your organisation also want to organise job-specific trainings or workshops for talents on specific topics?

3. Job Matching 

Diversity recruitment is about discovering and attracting untapped talents. Talent2Connect will bring employers looking for diverse talent, and untapped talent together while preparing both for this new encounter.

Are you ready to discover unusual candidates? And bridge the employment gaps together?