Target group: Members with the intention of fostering a diverse, inclusive body of staff
Initiator(s): The Shift

Start: 18-02-2020

Sustainable Development Goal(s): 1. End poverty3. Good health5. Gender equality8. Decent work and economic growth10. Reduced inequalities17. Partnerships for the goals

Priorities for change: Work & Inclusion

Work and inclusion


  • Create more diverse and inclusive organisational cultures at Belgian companies and organisations
  • Develop innovative partnerships to strengthen diversity and inclusion
  • Offer concrete tools for you to start working with in your own organisation


In Belgium, there is a significant gap between the diversity of our society and the homogeneity of our workforces. This is despite the fact that we know a broader range of perspectives increases ‘collective intelligence’ and leads to better, more innovative results. The facts speak for themselves – but reality presents a greater challenge than you might expect.

In 2020, The Shift’s goal is to create a community that is willing and able to contribute to greater diversity and inclusion in the workforce. Based on their own expertise, various actors will contribute to develop innovative partnerships to tackle this challenge. Depending on their country of origin, abilities and disabilities, sexual orientation, level of education, socioeconomic background, gender, age, … different people all have different ideas about product development, user-friendliness and strategic goals. Tuning into these differences allows us to explore new opportunities. Organisations with a network will tap into their knowledge to tackle the challenges Belgian workplaces are facing.


Do you want to boost your performance and improve your results? Then investing in diverse teams is just the way to go. You’ll become more innovative, more attentive to your customers and users’ needs and will take better, more thought-through decisions. A diverse body of staff will give you a head start in the ‘war for talent’ and will increase satisfaction among your employees. Workplace diversity reflects Belgian society and makes your organisational brand more attractive.

If you’re eager to find out how to foster ‘diversity and inclusion in the workforce’ and if you’re interested in meeting others with know-how in this field, we encourage you to sign up to the following activities.


We’re planning several activities for the spring of 2020, during with interested members will be introduced to each other’s perspectives and approaches.

First off, our agenda includes a range of general sessions on ‘diversity and inclusion in the workforce’. These sessions start with a presentation on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workforce. Who are the most important stakeholders and what’s the best way of getting them involved? Next, our sessions discuss how to create an inclusive organisational culture. They’ll also introduce the concept of inclusive management: once diverse teams have been hired, proper management can help achieve better results. The latter will be the focus of our third session on offer. To round things off, we’re also planning a matchmaking workshop, during which you’ll get to see ‘talent’ from a different perspective and learn how to tap into hidden talent.

To dive deeper, there will also be sessions on more specific topics that can help create diverse, inclusive workforces. Examples include sessions on socioeconomic backgrounds and sexual orientations.