Why should you join The Shift?


As a member of The Shift you benefit from a highly diverse member network, a wide range of activities and support in the creation of structural partnerships.

Membership conditions

Before joining our member community, we ask that your CEO or director sign our Charter below. In this way, your engagement within our network is supported by the management of your organisation and will, therefore, more effectively spread through all your constituent departments.

The Shift Charter_EN.pdf
| 137.9kb
The Shift Statuten FR.pdf
| 660.3kb
The Shift Statuten NL.pdf
| 1.3mb

Becoming a member of The Shift also requires a financial engagement. Depending on the number of full time employees and the turnover of your organisation, you can join one of the following member categories:

Small Organisation

<50 employees

<€10 m turnover

<€10 m balance

-> €500/year

Medium Organisation

<250 employees

<€50 m turnover

<€43 m balance

-> €1.500/year

Large Organisation

>250 employees

>€50 m turnover

>€43 m balance

-> €6.000/year

Public institutions can join our network at an annual fee of €1.500, regardless of their size and number of employees. Academic institutions also benefit from specific membership conditions. Contact us via mail for more information.


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