Monthly Webinar : comment être un acteur du changement résilient ?

Ce webinar explorera les thèmes du leadership et de la résilience. A la lumière de la crise actuelle, nous plongerons au cœur de la réalité de ces managers qui opèrent le changement. Ce webinar sera donné en anglais.

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Leadership on the line.

It’s what most leaders are experiencing today. And it’s a title of a book about adaptive leadership that is more actual than ever.

Never before have so many leaders been challenged so directly to reinvent themselves while reinventing their teams and organisation. 

In this webinar we examine the basics of adaptive leadership. Starting point: “the single most common source of leadership failure is that people, especially those in positions of authority, treat adaptive challenges like technical problems.” (Heifetz & Linsky). Adaptive leaders hold tension and conflict and create an adaptive space that allows people to change not only their habits, but also their belief & value systems. They put people to hard and painful adaptive work, turn them into leaders themselves, instead of centralizing power and expertise. Adaptive leadership work is demanding and necessitates emotional and identity work from the leader him or herself: “the cleanest way for an organization to bring you down is to let you bring down yourself”. Key questions for adaptive leaders are: “How do I take care for myself and how do I show up?”

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Koen Marichal is leadership expert, professor at Antwerp Management School and co-founder of Stalla. During the webinar he will explain the key elements of adaptive leadership.

Karin Heremans is school director of the Koninklijk Atheneum Antwerpen, Coordinator ‘Radicalisation & Polarisation’ GO! (Education Flemish Community) & Expert in the European Radicalisation Network (RAN). She will testify how her leadership is on the line.

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