Ageas is an international insurance Group with a heritage spanning almost 200 years. Present in 14 countries across Europe and Asia, the company offers Life and Non-Life solutions to millions of Retail and Business customers. Ageas helps customers to manage, anticipate and insure their risks through a wide range of products designed for their needs both today and in the future. Distinguished by an expertise in partnerships, Ageas has developed long term agreements with market-leading local financial institutions and distributors around the world allowing it to stay close to the customer. As one of Europe’s larger insurance companies, Ageas is the No.1 insurer in Belgium and ranks among the market leaders in most of the countries in which it operates. With a total workforce of more than 45,000 people (including the non-consolidated partnerships), Ageas is present in Belgium, the UK, France, Portugal, Turkey, China, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, and the Philippines. In 2019, Ageas reported annual inflows close to EUR 36 billion (at 100%). Ageas is listed on Euronext Brussels and is included in the BEL20 index


The Shift aide ses membres à utiliser le cadre international des Objectifs de développement durable de l'ONU pour définir leurs ambitions sociales.

1. End poverty

As an insurer we constantly look for ways to make insurance as accessible and fair as possible, particularly to those most vulnerable in society. We provide our customers with an important safety net For those most at risk, particularly in the emerging economies, we seek to launch programmes that help alleviate the stress or remove the risk of falling into the poverty trap. We actively engage in high impact local community programmes acknowledging that each of us has something important to contribute.

3. Good health

As an insurer active in health insurance we have an important role to play in stimulating wellbeing and healthy lifestyle choices from prevention to treatment and care. Working in partnership with healthcare professionals we develop and provide access to physical and mental health related products and services that both protect against and help manage serious health threatening conditions. We actively work to promote safer roads and improved infrastructure to save lives, while encouraging a more responsible attitude to road safety. As a caring employer we set an example from within where our employees are actively encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyles through a range of internal programmes designed to appeal to all.

8. Decent work and economic growth

We provide a stimulating work environment with good quality jobs and fair employment opportunities in which people of all age can continuously learn and grow as individuals. We focus specifically on youth and the next generation offering job and training opportunities that facilitate their integration into the labour market and society as a whole. We try to resolve and remove obstacles that stand in the way of those excluded or disadvantaged in society in their search for employment by actively working to find the right solutions that promote inclusivity. We have zero tolerance with respect to the obstruction of human and labour rights. We work alongside government and regulatory bodies to contribute to the development and growth of strong local economies allowing people to thrive. In a fast changing world, we stimulate continuous learning to improve our own knowledge but also to provide opportunities for the younger generation to gain experience.

10. Reduced inequalities

As an insurer we play our part in promoting inclusion of all by providing affordable and accessible insurance protection particularly for the un(der)insured segments of society. We join forces with eco system partners to facilitate access to basic services such as healthcare, education and sanitation. We develop and implement programmes aimed at inclusive employment irrespective of gender, age, disabilities, ethnicity, socio economic status, religion etc. We engage with experts in efforts to reduce inequality.

11. Sustainable cities and communities

As an insurer we act as a catalyst for the development of safe and affordable housing and foster inclusive communities, investing in key infrastructure developments that contribute positively to the economic and social fabric of the community. We give new life to neglected areas of cities, revitalised through investment in appropriate infrastructure and affordable housing and the provision of green spaces for all. We invest in smart, affordable and environment friendly mobility solutions that lead to better living conditions for all. We play a proactive role in identifying and applying structural solutions to protect communities against disasters in areas most at risk. We take initiatives to preserve the world’s cultural and natural heritage

13. Climate action

We raise awareness of climate change by supporting research, promoting more climate friendly behaviour, adapting our products and services and incentivising a lower ecological footprint. Internally we steer our own people towards sustainable mobility encouraging the use of public transport, biking, stepping and walking to work and we advocate an eco friendly working environment. We aim for carbon neutrality, consistently measuring our carbon footprint and taking action to reduce. We proactively invest in climate friendly technologies or other investment projects that contribute towards solutions to climate change. We develop sustainable buildings, focusing on low resource consumption and energy efficiency including green energy supply.