Cofinimmo has been acquiring, developing and managing rental properties for over 35 years. The company has a portfolio spread across Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain, with a value of approximately 4.5 billion EUR. With attention to social developments, Cofinimmo has the mission of making high-quality care, living and working environments available to its partners-tenants, from which users benefit directly. ’Caring, Living and Working - Together in Real Estate‘ is the expression of this mission. Thanks to its expertise, Cofinimmo has built up a healthcare real estate portfolio of approximately 2.6 billion EUR in Europe. As an independent company that applies the highest standards of corporate governance and sustainability, Cofinimmo offers its tenants services and manages its portfolio through a team of over 130 employees in Brussels, Paris, Breda and Frankfurt. Cofinimmo is listed on Euronext Brussels (BEL20) and benefits from the REIT system in Belgium (RREC), France (SIIC) and the Netherlands (FBI). Its activities are supervised by the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA), the Belgian regulator. The company applies an investment policy aimed at offering a socially responsible, long-term, low-risk investment that generates a regular, predictable and growing dividend.


The Shift aide ses membres à utiliser le cadre international des Objectifs de développement durable de l'ONU pour définir leurs ambitions sociales.

9. Innovation and infrastructure

As a major property owner in Europe, Cofinimmo strives to be a visionary and to stimulate the debate on future real estate needs. It seeks to integrate major societal trends into its strategy to avoid the accelerated obsolescence of buildings and to preserve economic sustainability. Innovative solutions are therefore a must to create new growth opportunities and ensure the sustainability of the current portfolio.

11. Sustainable cities and communities

The management of (re)development projects, the decisions and actions taken by Cofinimmo have a significant impact on the sustainability of assets. Firstly, because Cofinimmo, by developing tailor-made, innovative and comfortable buildings, endeavours to best meet the changing accommodation and needs of occupants. Secondly, because Cofinimmo ensures the proper integration of buildings in the urban fabric, by paying specific attention to aesthetics and to the diversity of districts. Finally, because Cofinimmo favours the use of modern techniques and sustainable materials to reduce the carbon footprint of the buildings constructed.

13. Climate action

Cofinimmo believes that it is possible to aim for a carbon neutral society by 2050 while guaranteeing the interests of all its stakeholders. Its project 30³ is part of this approach. The objective of this ambitious project is to reduce its energy intensity of 30% (compared to the 2017 level) by 2030 to achieve the level of 130 kWh/m². To achieve this objective, a 360-degree approach, which takes the entire life cycle of buildings into account, will be applied. This corporate project concerns both the office and healthcare real estate segments, as well as all activities managed directly within the company such as sales and acquisitions, development, project management and day-to-day management of the buildings.

2019 Sustainability Report
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