The Shift aide ses membres à utiliser le cadre international des Objectifs de développement durable de l'ONU pour définir leurs ambitions sociales.

4. Quality education

Set up new ways of learning (flipped classrooms, Team Academy) that fits better with skills needed to tackle global challenges

7. Affordable and clean energy

Set up of decentralized and networked renewable energy systems that can be managed by local communities and that use renewables available locally

9. Innovation and infrastructure

Favour Sustainability-driven innovation and dramatically reduce time-to-market of sustainable solutions thanks to agile / lean startup approaches combined with amplified open innovation aimed at de-risking innovation pathays and tap into the wide know-how available worldwide

10. Reduced inequalities

Intensify the development of social entrepreneurs tackling social challenges AND scale up social impact of such solutions Amplify the development of social businesses providing holistic and affordable solutions

11. Sustainable cities and communities

Develop resilient and regenerative strategies at the level of territories (cities, groups of cities, communities) through ecosystem building and territorial metabolism approaches

12. Responsible consumption and production

Explore the 50+ business models that can be implemented to achieve this goal (industrial ecology, blue economy, functional economy, circular economy, biomimicry, bio-based processes,...) and show de-risked ways that convince industries to move forward