Mobiel 21 is een organisatie voor duurzame mobiliteit. We gaan voor een leefomgeving die op een milieuvriendelijke en veilige manier bereikbaar en leefbaar is, en dit voor iedereen. Want voor ons is mobiliteit pas echt duurzaam als het verplaatsingssysteem werkt, betaalbaar, ecologisch, veilig én rechtvaardig is. Mobiel 21 inspireert en activeert daarom enthousiast mensen, organisaties en beleid om doordacht om te gaan met verplaatsingen en verplaatsingswijzen.


The Shift aide ses membres à utiliser le cadre international des Objectifs de développement durable de l'ONU pour définir leurs ambitions sociales.

11. Sustainable cities and communities

There will be no sustainable cities and communities without a more sustainable way of mobility. It needs an enormous change in people's behaviour to get there: getting people out of their car, allowing them to enjoy their community by bike or by foot and re-inventing together public space towards a green part of a true liveable city. The Mobiel 21 team is activating and inspiring people since 1982 and won't stop till the modal shift has been fully realised.

1. End poverty

Mobility poverty is a hidden and underestimated phenomenon, which implies social exclusion because of limited mobility and accessibility. The Mobiel 21 team believes that all people have the right 'to get there' (to a job, a school, family, health care) and empowers groups and individuals of all ages in their mobility competences. And it won't stop creating (policy) solutions that respect the social dimension of mobility.

13. Climate action

Sustainable mobility is by definition part of the solution for a climate-respecting society. The world needs to change from a car-oriented society towards green multi-modal transport schemes where bikes and other CO2 neutral transport modes prevail. The Mobiel 21 team is eager to make this modal shift happen, based on its research, campaigns and innovative tools.