Incorporate non-financial value in decision-making: How to measure the unmeasurable?

This webinar will give an overview of the current state of value measurement of contributions made by businesses to society, the economy, and the environment and it takes a closer look at an initiative that aims to measure non-financial value.

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Can companies measure the real value of their enterprises, the value that goes beyond financial reporting? Can they measure the impact their business has on nature and society? And if they could measure this impact, would it enable them to make more conscious decisions for their business?

Our session on "Measuring the unmeasurable" will introduce the current initiatives, shed some light on the EU Green Deal requirements, and present an organisation which is about to develop a method to measure the impacts of corporate behaviour on nature and humans: The Value Balancing Alliance. The Alliance was founded by many multinational companies with the common goal to change the way how company performance is measured.

Christian Heller, CEO of the Value Balancing Alliance, will give us an overview of the measuring field landscape, share his advice and explain what the VBA is doing and what is unique about their methodology.

Thomas Birnmeyer from SAP will explain how SAP started its journey to move to the VBA method, which challenges SAP had to overcome and what the added value for the organisation is.

You will have the opportunity to ask your questions at the end of the session.

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“What do you imagine the landscape will look like 10 years from now?
There will be mandatory accounting rules for all companies in the world to disclose their natural, social and financial capital performance. In the key systems, particularly the food system and the energy system, there will be true value pricing. Ten years from now, we will see that capital markets are able to differentiate companies not just on their financial performance, but on environmental and social performances as well.”

Start now and discover how you can embark on this journey.



Eglantine Eeckhout, The Shift

Value Balancing Alliance

Christian Heller, CEO of the Value Balancing Alliance


Thomas Birnmeyer, Sustainability and Human Ressources at SAP


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Eglantine Eeckhout

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All members of The Shift.

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