Interactive workshop: deconfusing the consumer

The aim of these workshops is to identify the key challenges that are blocking the roll out of sustainable packaging and launch new or accelerate existing multi-stakeholder initiatives to tackle these challenges.


During the problem identification phase, which ran from mid-March to late May, multiple interviews were performed with different stakeholders across the end-to-end packaging value chain. Based on these interviews, key challenges were identified from which three challenges will be tackled during online design thinking workshops (see below), each of whom will explore possible solutions for the challenges found in the packaging value chain.

Voor wie?

Anybody working on a decision-maker level of an organisation willing to work on the confused consumer challenge.

Waarom deelnemen?

During these sessions subject matter experts from start-ups, companies and academics will share their insights on the challenges. Inspired by these insights, the stakeholders will co-create solutions to address the challenge during online exercises. The participants of these workshops consist of corporates, industry groups, NGOs, start-ups and academics to have a holistic view on the challenge.

Challenge: the conscious consumer, a growing customer segment, wants to become increasingly sustainable, but is flooded with information without the possibility of processing it. As a result, he is unable to make the most sustainable decision.

Intended result: a solution to provide consumers with clear information at the right time through the right channel, so that they can make an informed decision.


This workshop will be held online and in English. For more info, please contact Jan-Klaas.

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