People with a migration background in the workforce: jump over the hurdles and grasp the opportunities

Within the context of the priority Diversity and Inclusion in the Workforce, this session will focus on people with a migration background.


Diversifying your workforce with people from different origins broadens your perspective. Expertise and experience from all corners of the globe enriches your collective intelligence as an organisation. A diverse workforce in an inclusive culture could lead to more innovation and better performance. If that potential does not spark your interest, the growing gap in the Belgian labor market revealing the need for activation of all talents and international recruitment may trigger you to participate.

This session focuses on people with a migration background in the workforce (mainly highly skilled):

  • Maret Dakaeva from Minderhedenforum will give you insights about challenges people experience in their job search and will give you - as an employer - tips to see the positives and talents.  
  • Daphne Bouteillet-Paquet from IOM will shed some light on the needs in the Belgian labor market and will zoom in on international recruitment from Africa.

Voor wie?

Any organisation looking to diversify its workforce with people from different origins.

Waarom deelnemen?

To give diversity and inclusion in your organisation a boost.


This webinar will be held in English via Zoom.

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Annelies Storme

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