Integrating non-financial value for better decision-making: determine your focus in non-financial value measurement

Before jumping into methodologies and concrete examples of integrating non-financial value in decision-making concerning projects, products, companies, this first session is about determining your focus in measurement.

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Measuring the societal impact of your company allows for better decision-making internally. Integrating this information in the dialogue between corporates and investors will lead to a balanced valuation of financial, environmental and social value creation.

This session is part of a trajectory that started September 15th with a launching session on the “Why” (contact us for the recording). This first session will provide you with the foundations and different concepts to help you set boundaries going forward.


  • Why is it important to measure non-financial data?
    • The importance to understand the purpose of your organisation to measure non-financial data
    • The importance to understand how these non-financial data is meant to be used
  • What do you want to measure and which scope do you want to use?
    • At an organisation’s level
    • At a product/service level
  • The session will be followed by 20 minutes of exchanges and questions

This workshop is being co-created and will be facilitated by Lola Debersaques from Sustainalize and Reinout De Clercq from PwC.

In 2021, we dive deeper with methodologies and concrete examples of the integration of non-financial value in decision-making.

Voor wie?

All member organisations who want an informative session on how to start to integrate non-financial value in their decision-making process and what are the main concepts.

Waarom deelnemen?

To understand the extended process of value creation of your business, assess your needs and get insights about how to determine ambitions and focus of measurement.

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Eglantine Eeckhout; Annelies Storme

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