To comply with the stricter emission standards imposed by the European Union, you must be able to monitor the CO2 emissions of your buildings and your vehicle fleet very closely. But how can data from such diverse sources (energy suppliers, leasers, banks, oil companies, etc.) be processed? Carbolean collects all the data relating to buildings and transport wherever they are to provide you with a dashboard of your CO2 emissions every day. With this clear visualisation, you know whether the actions taken are the right ones or whether it is necessary to make corrections.


The Shift helpt leden gebruik maken van het globaal kader van de UN Sustainable Development Goals om hun maatschappelijke ambities in kaart te brengen.

17. Partnerships for the goals

Carbolean provides organisations with a digital solution for monitoring CO2 emissions. Carbolean calculates your carbon footprint every day and helps you reduce your emissions. Measure your emissions in a simple and automated way Carbolean establishes your carbon balance, carries out continuous monitoring, involves employees and helps you with your action plans