JES is a youth organisation for all children and young people in Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent. We support them in leisure, education, work, training and welfare. JES starts from a positive view of urbanity. We are always looking for new opportunities and partnerships and are happy to share our expertise. Children and young people should feel at home in the city. We support them through activities and projects in the search for their place in the city and for their own competences. JES gives them a push, so that they feel empowered and can grow: as an individual, as a group and as a full resident of the city. JES makes the difference with an unconventional and constructive view of urban challenges. Together with children, young people and partners, we are building the city of tomorrow. Because young people make the city!


The Shift helpt leden gebruik maken van het globaal kader van de UN Sustainable Development Goals om hun maatschappelijke ambities in kaart te brengen.

1. End poverty

Cities grow, rejuvenate and discolor. The young population is looking for their own place in this vibrant, multicultural society. We see Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent as ideal breeding grounds for working with children and young people in and with the urban environment and the opportunities that lie there. We are not blind to the problems in the city, but see them as an extra incentive to get started.

4. Quality education

Someone is never alone in his work, his hobby,… but has talents and ambitions in many areas. Therefore JES demolishes the walls between its different areas of expertise and forges plans on the border of culture, sports, welfare, education, training and employment. In this way we do not only arrive at new JES concepts, but we can also combine the best of different worlds and use them in the processes we run with children, young people and young adults. The expertise we've established in these fields, we also like to share with other partners in our JES academy.

8. Decent work and economic growth

We are certain that many young people with talent are present in our cities nowadays. All too often this remains untouched, it gets (too) few opportunities for development. We get to work with this young talent and work with them to jointly recognize and develop their competences, both professionally and in their spare time. We don't just look over the walls of our own workings, but also collaborate with the labor market, education, welfare, sport and culture.