The Paper Chain Forum association has been disseminating information about the relationship between paper and the environment in the broadest sense since 1992. It more specifically explained the harmonious and sustainable nature of this relationship informed the general public about it on an objective and substantiated manner. The Paper Chain Forum is also set to rectify or dispel some persistent misconceptions about paper and the environment. The Paper Chain Forum commits itself only to disseminate objective and scientifically justified information. Paper Chain Forum represents all the professional associations of the Belgian paper chain. All economic sectors dealing with the paper world are part of it. Currently these are: forest owners; pulp, paper and board producers; pulp and paper manufacturing; printing; publishers of the written press and the recyclers of used paper.


The Shift helpt leden gebruik maken van het globaal kader van de UN Sustainable Development Goals om hun maatschappelijke ambities in kaart te brengen.

12. Responsible consumption and production

To encourage all stakeholders to recycle paper and to increase awareness about the importance of the sustainable production and consumption of paper.

15. Life on land

To promote awareness and to activate people and organizations to protect forests; to stimulate their growth through sustainable forest management; and to use its products in the most sustainable way.

13. Climate action

To encourage all members of the paper chain and its related stakeholders to continue to invest in sustainable energy efficiency; to ensure the cautious and frugal use of water and to reduce CO2 emissions in every way possible.

9. Innovation and infrastructure

To promote and to emphasize the fact that paper, as a bio-based material, has a great future and contributes to a cradle-to-cradle economy.

17. Partnerships for the goals

To further develop and strengthen collaboration with other NGO’s, the industry, unions, the public and educational organizations to leverage the mission of the Paper Chain Forum to inform and improve the sustainable relations between forests, people and paper.

PCF brochure
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