Upgrade Estate builds and manages housing for students (Upkot), young professionals (Upliving) and growth SMEs (Upoffiz) throughout Belgium, with a focus on both investor and tenant. The company has more than 20 years of experience and focuses on attractive common areas, attention to green and sustainability, an excellent price-quality ratio, convenience for all parties and a coach as a connecting factor. AMBITION Upgrade Estate's mission is to make social impact and create social value on 3 levels: Social impact: We focus on satisfaction and convenience for our stakeholders in long-term relationships. We like to make an impact with our projects and our business and add value. We strive daily to refine our concepts and increase our social impact in a value-driven context. Social added value: For Upgrade Estate, sustainability is a mission, a way of living, thinking and doing. We approach the concept of sustainability in a very broad way, both ecologically and socially. Economic sustainability: Business as usual is not for us and we see it as a nice challenge to accomplish our mission in a feasible profitable financial model. We focus on 10 of the 17 SDGs. Read all about our actions and goals:


The Shift helpt leden gebruik maken van het globaal kader van de UN Sustainable Development Goals om hun maatschappelijke ambities in kaart te brengen.

3. Good health

As a company we take care of our employees, tenants & investors. We organise 'stop smoking' projects & raise awareness with workshops on alcohol & drug abuse. With the Upgrade Charity we support a number of projects at home and abroad. One of these is Supporting Friends, a project that sends Flemish doctors to Africa on medical missions to perform operations there. During the corona crisis, our students had an extra hard time. That is why we set up the Upgrade Solidarity Fund with the support of our investors and employees. More than 150 students received free sessions with a psychologist.

7. Affordable and clean energy

Our students pay a fixed amount for their energy consumption. As a company within the Upgrade Estate group, Limoengroen designs, builds and maintains sustainable energy systems and delivers sustainable energy to the end-user. In our buildings we pursue the trias energetica principle: limit energy demand, implement sustainable energy and increase the efficiency of energy consumption. In the future, we also want to make our suppliers and contractors aware of their energy consumption and make all completed projects sustainable. The energy consumption in our buildings must fall by 10% in the short term. We are working on a central control room that focuses on sustainability and ultimate convenience and safety for the end user.

10. Reduced inequalities

We started an internal diversity project in cooperation with Hassan Al Hilou. The diversity group optimised and implemented numerous actions. For each of our brands & our employees, we have an anonymous hotline where they can complain about respect or inequality. We work together with educational institutions to remain accessible to every student. We have a diverse workforce and do not discriminate on the basis of gender, origin or orientation when recruiting. We pay attention to other cultures among tenants, employees or contractors by organising multicultural activities. Our Upgrade Charity projects have a strong focus on an equitable and inclusive partnership.

11. Sustainable cities and communities

All our projects are in an urban environment. In the realisation of our projects, we regularly de-pit building blocks or repurpose city blocks. We green the neighbourhood with biodiverse plantings. Our coach acts as a contact point for the neighbourhood. Even during the construction phase, we communicate transparently with the local residents. We promote integration of the neighbourhood/neighbourhood through neighbourhood parties, babysitting lists and the provision of neighbourhood rooms. We upgrade buildings with heritage value & keep the history of the buildings alive. In the future, we want to integrate neighbourhood parks and allotments in larger projects and make EV charging points available to the neighbourhood.

12. Responsible consumption and production

Upgrade Estate sensitises its stakeholders with the kotkip as a sustainability mascot with eco tips. Coaches and Upgrade students attend waste management workshops and chickens in the gardens process organic waste. We organise Zero food waste projects in our Upkot & Upliving projects. Through the facebook page Marketplace Upkot students can sell second hand stuff or give it away to new students. On the building sites, we waste less through BIM modelling and pre-assembly, and we incorporate construction waste into interior design. Upcycling is a permanent feature of our interior designs. A short-term goal is to reduce waste in buildings and waste on sites by 10%.

13. Climate action

Upgrade Estate has opted for biodiverse planting around its buildings. As a company within Upgrade Estate, Limoengroen focuses on the design, realisation and maintenance of sustainable energy systems and delivers sustainable energy to the end user. For all future buildings, Upgrade Estate has opted for a zero carbon strategy. We have seen a 13% decrease in car usage over the past year and continue to motivate sustainable mobility with shared bikes at the office and in our projects. In addition, we provide EV charging in all buildings. In the future, we also want to raise awareness in the supply chain and significantly reduce the embodied carbon of our new construction projects. The ultimate goal is to electrify all projects.