VISITFLANDERS is the official tourism organisation for Flanders and Brussels. We invest in the sustainable development and promotion of Flanders-Brussels as a top tourist destination. Together with other tourism actors, we want to develop tourism in and to Flanders in a sustainable way. In 2017 we explore how SDGs can drive innovation via amongst others a conference at the occasion of the <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer">International Year of Sustainable Tourism</a>.


The Shift helpt leden gebruik maken van het globaal kader van de UN Sustainable Development Goals om hun maatschappelijke ambities in kaart te brengen.

1. End poverty

Tourism is for everyone, it creates more diversity in the holiday offer, prolongs the season and broadens the flow of income. The Holiday Participation Centre: Promote offer: special rates provided by tourism partners to people in poverty, who for different reasons are unable to take a holiday Tailor-made booking centre : contact point for holidaymakers, social organisations and holiday providers Stimulate sustainable partnerships in the tourism industry Explore the international context Once a year, an event is organised were holiday providers, desk staff, social organisations and holidaymakers were welcomed: Forum Holiday Participation